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Benefits with best solutions

HalfStuff Online Casino

Brand-new offer provides that online-casino is already made for 75% and other 25% includes individual development

Transparent & Clear

Immediate access to the almost ready casino allows to see and understand what also you need to add to casino for successful launch

Bitcoin enclosed

The system includes bitcoin payments with no fees: all money under your control

Individual Bonus

Bonus system develops individually according to marketing strategy and clients’ needs. Our main goal is a high quality traffic that will converted into your profit. No templates, no platitudes - only exclusive bonus solutions!

Always online

Needless to say that mobile devices already became an essential part of our life. That’s why we always provide only cross-platform casino with default mobile version

Mascot Online Casino

We understand what you need and we know how to provide it in high quality


Experience and professional skills let us fulfil your request in fastest mode. Especially for those who always have no time we created our unique Halfstuff casino offer requiring minimum time for launch


We believe that one of the main courses in project realisation is to make it unique, eye-catching and memorable. That’s why we provide step by step casino launch, when every next step adds something new to the previous, making A/B testing of every update


Our own successful casino operating practice and bunch of different gambling projects let us confidently declare that we’ll shield you from useless money and time spending. You are definitely in skilled hands. And we really love each our project


We are always open to start something new and our resources let us confidently speak about it! If you have some brilliant idea - let us know, we could find the best way to implement it. Our experience, market knowledge, deep mathematics and financial analysis skills will be a perfect platform for our mutual gambling project


“Nice guys, easy to deal with, highly recommended”

“One of the best offers in value for money. Really high quality content”

“I appreciate the team's support - they are always eager to help as soon as possible and show professionalism on all stages”